You want to be in business. Seize opportunities! This is only possible if you have your hands free. We take care of your administration, make flexible work possible and limit your risks. So that you can do business in the best possible way. Whatever moves you, we move with you.

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Tentoo moves with you

In a rapidly changing world, you are most successful as an employer and freelancer when you can quickly anticipate and adapt to all the changes you encounter. Because go figure; the market, legislation, technical and financial opportunities; they can change from week to week. You have to be flexible to keep achieving your goals. You have to move with the world, the market and especially with your clients.

Tentoo makes sure that you, as an employer or freelancer, can move freely with everything the market demands and offers. And what works best for you. As a result, our clients are always flexible in the market. So that all opportunities can be utilized and you can get the most out of them.

Because whatever moves you; we always move with you.


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TENTOO for employers

  • Adjust the working hours to the workload
  • No employer-related risks
  • No obligation to pay flex workers during sick leave
  • Assistence with your HR policy
  • The salary payments are taken care of
  • Advance funds of wage costs
  • You stay in control of recruiting and supervising your employees!
Payrolling for employers

TENTOO for freelancers

  • Receive your payment within 7 days (even before your client has paid our invoice)
  • Hand over all your administration
  • Automatically insured for unemployment, sickness and when you are unable to work
  • Invoicing and debtor management are taken care of
  • You can work for one employer
  • You remain totally independent
Payrolling for freelancers

In practice

''All I have to do is fill in my hours. Isn't that relaxed?!''

Kim Heerooms works 32 hours a week as an intermediary while studying Chinese medicine and teaching yoga in the evenings. She works as a yoga teacher through Tentoo.

“I enjoy working as a yoga instructor, but I don’t have much free time. Working with Tentoo saves me a lot of time. I don’t have to worry about administration or work with self-employed contracts. All I have to do is fill in my hours. Isn’t that relaxed?”

Kim Heerooms Part-time yoga instructor

"Tentoo has been working for me for over 12 years."

Tim is a Laser & Lighting Operator and has worked as a freelancer through Tentoo for 12 years.

“For me, Tentoo Directors Cast and Crew mainly means freedom to do what I’m good at. I can enjoy lighting artists without spending too much time and energy on peripheral issues regarding my earnings and compensation.

I remain “my own boss” and make my own arrangements. At the same time, I enjoy a healthy and workable employment relationship and my social and liability insurance are covered. Unlike other self-employed people around me, for example, I did receive social benefits when my sector was shut down during the corona period.”

Tim Oosterink-Westveld Lighting Engineer

"The people at Tentoo get it, they know everything about payroll and I get quick answers to my questions."

Lisa Staal, theatre maker and author is touring the Netherlands with her inspiring theatre show ‘Schaamteloos Open’ for the next few years. As the crew members are not permanent employees, but of course need to be paid, she was looking for an easy solution for this and ended up at Tentoo.

“I can do a lot of things well, but administrative stuff? Help! I didn’t want to delve into this myself either, so I went online to find a solution. Well, it was a bit of a chore to end up with the right company for me. I tried 2 other companies, but a lot of things went wrong with these, and things were not made easier for me, but rather more difficult. After this hassle, I went looking again and found Tentoo. What a relief! The whole team and formula of Tentoo are top-notch. Since last year, my crew members have been paid super fast. The people working at Tentoo get it, they know everything about payroll, are smart, and I get quick answers to my questions.”

Lisa Staal Theatre maker and author

"Tentoo not only saves us valuable time, but also ensures that our employees get everything they are entitled to."

Matthijs is founder and owner of Klondyke – web shop with antiquarian and second-hand books. For three decades, Matthijs has not only delivered beautiful books to enthusiasts worldwide, but also created a unique workplace for scholars and students who enjoy working among books.

With the growth of his business, Matthijs faced new challenges, especially in the field of personnel and payroll administration. “When you are busy doing business, you don’t have time to keep an eye on every month to see if someone’s contract is already expiring or if someone is entitled to a permanent contract. Tentoo takes care of all this, which saves me a lot of time.”

Matthijs Owner Klondyke Boeken

"For me, it is important to have influence in the collaboration. Customisation is the magic word. Tentoo is able to provide a tailor-made solution."

Marianne is the founder of Moneypenny. The agency where virtual assistants (VAs) find work-from-home assignments with clients looking for a flexible solution for their secretarial or marketing needs.

Moneypenny has been working with Tentoo for a few years. “We were looking for more customisation. We considered many but the customisation and personal approach at Tentoo really appealed to us.” Cost transparency and the online portal were also among the reasons for choosing Tentoo. “We have many VAs who have to go through an onboarding, which involves quite a bit. Tentoo’s portal is very efficient for these processes, the information is offered bite-sized and adapted to Moneypenny,” Marianne explains.

Marianne Sturman Founder Moneypenny

"I can fall back on a social safety net and have certainties."

Linda Dijkman-Van Ark is a freelance make-up artist. She works through Tentoo and feels she is totally an independent entrepreneur.

“I look for my own clients and decide everything myself. The difference with self-employed people who don’t work through Tentoo is mainly in the risks. I can fall back on a social safety net and have certainties. I feel very comfortable with that.”

Linda Dijkman-Van Ark Freelance make-up artist
Three Female Dancing Hip Hop In The Street.


At Tentoo, we think freelancers, self-employed individuals, highly skilled migrants and entrepreneurs have to be able to run, jump and fly. Nothing should stop you. That is why Tentoo supports freelancers and entrepreneurs since 1992 with our payroll service.

Tentoo started because of a large demand within the creative industry. Freelancers wanted to get hired in an easy, quick and legal way, without having to worry about paperwork. The founders of Tentoo made this possible with payrolling.

It was like hitting the bull’s eye. Apart from freelancers, employers also started to see the benefits of payroll. Within the boundaries of being a good employer they were able to handle their staffing in a flexible way.

Nowadays, tens of thousands of freelancers and entrepreneurs experience the ease of payrolling by Tentoo. They have jumped into carefree entrepreneurship!

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