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In a rapidly changing world, as an employer or freelancer, you will be most successful when you can anticipate quickly and adapt to all the changes you encounter. After all, markets, legislation, technical and financial possibilities can change from week to week. You must be flexible to continue achieving your goals. You need to move with the world, the market, and especially with your clients.

Tentoo ensures that, as an employer or freelancer, you can move effortlessly with everything the market demands and offers. And what works best for you. This way, our clients are always flexible in the market, enabling them to seize all opportunities and get the most out of them.

Because whatever moves you; we always move with you.

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About Tentoo

Vision & Mission

Tentoo is the partner for employers, clients, and freelancers when it comes to payroll or other wage-related services. We want to contribute to the success of our clients.

  • Tentoo aims to achieve continuity by being a reliable and knowledgeable partner.
  • Tentoo distinguishes itself by the flexibility of its services and its accessible character.
  • All our employees provide direct or indirect service with the aim of enabling our clients to do business without worries.

Core values

  • Customer focus
  • Reliability
  • Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

What does Tentoo do?

We are a full-service HR provider: where all payroll is taken care of, allowing you to focus on growth. Whether you’re an employer seeking flexibility, a freelancer looking to maximize your income, or a knowledge migrant starting your career in the Netherlands, Tentoo handles the work for you.

In this rapidly changing world, we offer reliable, flexible solutions for your success. Let Tentoo do it for you, so you can fully focus on seizing opportunities. Discover now how Tentoo can help you achieve your business ambitions.

Our clients

Over the years, Tentoo has managed to build up a wonderful client base. Several freelancers have been affiliated with Tentoo for years and employers also know how to find Tentoo. Curious about their experiences? Then read the various customer stories!



Our partners

At Tentoo, we provide support to employers and freelancers, giving you the power to adapt and seize opportunities at your convenience. Prioritizing good employment practices is integral to our approach, prompting us to establish partnerships that broaden our service offerings. Explore our network of partners to see how, together, we shape the dynamic landscape of flexible work.

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Our company was born in 1992 on the back of a beer coaster in a football canteen. Two friends asked themselves: How can we as a music band get paid faster and how can everyone get a fair share without hassle around administration and tax matters? The answer: payroll services. Now, a quarter of a century later, not much has fundamentally changed in our service. We still help entrepreneurs – companies and self-employed – with payments and administrative obligations.

Tentoo has changed a lot over the years though. The group of friends has grown into a team of more than 90 knowledge specialists. The football canteen has become a professional office in Amsterdam. The answer has expanded to include payroll services, freelance support, highly skilled migrants and HR services. And the beer coaster? It has been transformed into a clear vision and mission that guide our ideal: Carefree Entrepreneurship!


01 January 1992

The founders of Tentoo (Bert Limmen and Richard Molenaar) came up with the Payrolling Service in 1992.


01 September 2010

In September 2010, founders Richard and Bert stepped down from the board. Bert said, “We noticed that we were becoming a brake on the company ourselves. It’s better to take more distance.” To further professionalize the organization, Gosse Visser (who had been involved with Tentoo for years as a board member) was asked to take on the role of commercial director. Together with Paul den Ronden, an employee from the first hour, he formed the board.

Full service HR service provider

18 January 2016

Tentoo was known as a payroll provider for flexible personnel and of course as the creators of payroll in the Netherlands. But 24 years after our founding, we reached a point where we are more than just Payroll Professionals… That’s why from January 18th, 2016, we continued as a total provider of HR, Payroll, and self-employment services. This allowed us to provide even better support to our freelancers, self-employed professionals, and employers.

Creation of Brisker Group

21 September 2017

Brisker Group is a full-service HR service provider. Brisker is the overarching name for the group of brands Pay for People, Holland Employment Experts (formerly Holland Payroll), and Tentoo. Brisker makes entrepreneurship, life, and work easier. As a specialist in flexible labor, Brisker supports organizations with payroll solutions and back-office services with in-house developed software.

Certification as a Great Place To Work

01 June 2023

Achieving certification as a Great Place To Work is an extraordinary accomplishment that we are incredibly proud of. It is the result of our ongoing commitment to create an inspiring and supportive work environment for all our employees. At Tentoo, the well-being of our employees always takes top priority.

Holland Employement Experts Becomes Tentoo

15 August 2023

Holland Employment Experts and Tentoo have been part of the Brisker Group for several years. To combine our expertise and provide clients with access to all services within the group, Holland Employment Experts has been part of Tentoo since August 15th.

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