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Freelancing without KVK registration

Are you starting a business or becoming a freelancer? Registration with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) may not always be necessary. Want to know how? Tentoo is here to give you personal advice on how to get started without having to register with the KVK.

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Becoming a freelancer or zzp’er

What is the difference?

Is there a difference between a freelancer and a self-employed professional (zzp’er)? Both terms are commonly used and accepted. A freelancer is a zzp’er and vice versa. Generally, the term zzp’er is more commonly used than freelancer. However, the specific term used often varies by industry. The term zzp’er is more frequently used in sectors such as construction, metalwork, and business services, while the term freelancer is more prevalent in healthcare, journalism, communication, or design.

Can you start without a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) registration?

You can start a business without a KVK registration. Just like some people become freelancers or self-employed without a KVK registration. Does that mean the registration is unnecessary? No, and that’s why we would like to explain why registering with the KVK is important and what it entails. But we will also show you how you can operate without a KVK registration, through Tentoo of course! You’ll remain fully independent, while we take care of all the administration, risks, and concerns. This way, you can work as a freelancer without a KVK registration!

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To register or not to register with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK)?

Discover whether you should register your business with the KVK or not, based on these frequently asked questions.

When to register as a freelancer with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK)?

In the Netherlands, all businesses and legal entities must be registered in the Trade Register, which means being registered with the Chamber of Commerce. According to the law, an enterprise is defined as ‘providing goods or services independently to others, with the intention of making a profit’. If you are starting a self-employed business in any form, you must register with the KVK as a zzp’er or self-employed professional.

Can I work as a freelancer without registering with the Chamber of Commerce?

According to the law, every self-employed business must be officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. This ensures visibility of the number and authenticity of businesses in the Netherlands. Also, it enables the Tax Authorities to identify those liable for VAT and issue a VAT number. Once you register your business with the KVK, you assume official administrative obligations and become responsible for VAT returns, income tax, and insurance. For some, this may be a minor aspect of entrepreneurship, while for others, it may be a reason to refrain from self-employment altogether.

Start freelancing without a KVK registration

If you belong to the second category, we have good news for you: with Tentoo, you can work as a self-employed professional without registering with the KVK! You can start your own business today without a KVK registration, work as a freelancer without a KVK registration, start as a self-employed professional with KVK, or simply operate as a zzp’er without a KVK registration.

Operating as an entrepreneur without registering with the Chamber of Commerce

It is indeed possible to operate a business without registering with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). We’re here to guide you on how you can confidently run your business without a KVK registration through Tentoo! With Tentoo Freelance, you have the freedom to choose your own assignments and enjoy all the benefits of being an entrepreneur. You decide who you work for and set your own rates. We take care of the administration, invoicing, and taxes. As we are registered with the KVK, you indirectly benefit from our registration. This allows you to combine the freedom of entrepreneurship with the convenience of working as an employee.

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Yes, I want to start as a freelancer and work without KVK registration!

To start as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or self-employed professional, it is not necessary to register with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). With Tentoo, you can start right away without registering with the KVK. You don’t need a KVK or VAT number with us! As we become your employer on paper, you benefit from our KVK registration and VAT number. You won’t notice anything, as we take care of your administration and invoicing. You just need to provide your rate and hours worked, and we’ll handle the rest.

How to Register with the Chamber of Commerce?

Registering with the KVK requires an appointment. Visit the KVK website to find the nearest location and schedule your appointment at least a week before or after starting your business activities. You can also go earlier to prepare your registration and determine whether you want to freelance with or without KVK registration. Registering in the Trade Register incurs a one-time fee of €50. If you also want an official extract of your company, an additional fee of €15 applies.

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VAT Number Without KVK Registration?

Are you just starting out as a self-employed entrepreneur? You may not yet meet all the registration requirements of the KVK. However, you don’t want to wait any longer and want to start freelancing. To invoice your clients, you will need a VAT number even without KVK registration.

In special cases, you can directly request a VAT number from the Tax Authorities without KVK registration. With Tentoo, there is no need to request a VAT number without KVK. In other words, freelancing without a VAT number is definitely possible with Tentoo.

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Alicia Insurance & Tentoo

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