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We can imagine that starting a new business in the Netherlands can be challenging, especially when employing people. Luckily, as a Dutch payroll company, Tentoo is specialized in offering flexible payroll solutions. We can provide a suitable payroll solution for your business and tell you more about payroll companies in Netherlands.

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Many different names but the same service

Tentoo has supported many businesses with payrolling since 1992. From this year on, we supported various entrepreneurs in the audiovisual sector, events agencies, media, call centres, contact centres and many other industries. As a payrolling company, we provide a suitable approach for businesses that require a flexible employee population.

Payroll services Holland

Top 5 benefits of payroll

  • We take care of your salary administration;

  • It is possible to recruit and manage your employees yourself;

  • We provide the salary payments of your employees;

  • When an employee is sick, you do not have to continue to pay their salary;

  • You will not experience any risks with employment law.

Payroll company Netherlands

Save time with a payroll services company

As a starting business that would like to start with payroll, you will face quite some laws and regulations. The Netherlands is probably the country with the most complex payroll tax system, making it difficult and time-consuming for new companies to delve into it. Also, mistakes can significantly affect your business, employees and clients. 

Payroll companies in the Netherlands and payroll taxes

Payroll service providers help you to calculate and pay all payroll taxes. These can be social security contributions, wage levy, employer insurance and income-independent employer’s healthcare insurance contributions. But what are payroll taxes? Payroll taxes are fees that companies must pay when giving their employees salaries. In the Netherlands, there are two categories of payroll taxes that payroll companies must take into account: 

  • Taxes which the employer pays on the wage.
  • Taxes withheld from the employee’s paycheck.
payroll companies Netherlands - Tentoo
Payroll management company and payroll service business

Tentoo: the payroll service company with experience since 1992

If you would like to employ people in the Netherlands, you automatically become a resident taxpayer of our country. Because of this, it is mandatory to offer all your employees a Dutch payroll contract. If you choose a payrolling company like Tentoo, we will take care of your payroll tax responsibilities and become your employees’ legal employer in the Netherlands. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to focus on growing your business and seize opportunities. Tentoo has been handling payroll since 1992, therefore we know how to help you with what is required to assure you of carefree entrepreneurship.

Good to know

Frequently asked questions when choosing payrolling

Do you have a question about payroll companies and payroll costs? Then please take a look at our answers to your questions below.

How to choose the best payroll company?

Many dutch payroll providers offer payroll service. These companies all have their own specialities and they broadly offer the same kind of payroll services. Tentoo is the only provider that provides flexibility, convenience and excellent service. We support you in creating more freedom and fewer obligations and taking a step towards carefree entrepreneurship.

What are the costs of payroll services?

Different businesses in payroll use other pricing structures for their payroll services. When choosing the right payroll company for your business, ensure that you do not only compare payroll rates based upon conversion factors or percentages. It is most important to consider the final invoice amount. A cheap payroll service might look like the best option for you and your company, but this is only sometimes the case. If you have questions about Tentoo and our payroll fees, do not hesitate to contact us.

How much do payroll companies Netherlands typically charge?

Firstly, the final amount of the commission and invoice price always depends on the type of company, the client’s wishes, the service provision and the implementation of the collective labour agreement. Below you can find an example of a general calculation of how much payroll companies in Netherlands charge. 

Calculation example:

Imagine that the rate you agreed on is €2.500 per month, which is a gross price agreement. Hereafter, the payroll company sends an invoice to the client for €4.200 per month. This monthly price includes €2.500 direct salary costs and the legally required employer contributions. Also, reservations such as holiday pay, public holidays, commissions and the 21% VAT are included in this amount. Do you want to know what your payroll costs are? At Tentoo, we are happy to calculate the payroll costs for your company and per employee for you. 

If I choose a payroll agency, what will change for me?

If you choose Tentoo, everything will stay the same in your day-to-day practice. You can continue to recruit and manage your employees yourself while we pay the net salaries and remit payments for contributions and payroll taxes. Also, we provide payslips and process recovery notifications and sickness. Finally, we release you from the obligation to continue paying salary during illness and from chain liability and claims.

You will find the perfect payroll partner in Tentoo 

Due to our payroll construction, we have supported many entrepreneurs like you. We assure to give you freedom and focus on what attracts you to become an entrepreneur, and we have a great sense of what you need to do business without stress. Also, being the first company who offer payroll services in the Netherlands, we have the most years of experience in payrolling. 


Payroll company in the Netherlands - Tentoo

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