You want growth and continuity for your business. Seize opportunities, quickly respond to changes. You want some employees to be permanently employed, while others are used when needed. Sometimes you want to handle things yourself, while other times you prefer to outsource them. We help you achieve that flexibility. And we are happy to take over your worries and risks. Whatever moves you; we always move with you.

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Can’t or don’t want to bear the risks of being an employer? Then we’ll take them over for you. Don’t want to worry about whether your payroll administration is done on time and correctly? We’re here for you! At Tentoo. payroll is more than just payroll. We pay tens of thousands of employees at more than 11,000 companies. In addition, we help hundreds of employers with their payroll administration and/or HR policy. Our main drive: making sure you can focus on the core tasks of your business.


  • Risk-free employment
  • Flexible deployment of personnel
  • Payroll administration and payout are taken care of
  • Wage costs are pre-financed
  • You create your work agreements and oversee operations on the work floor
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Employing non-Dutch staff

If you employ a non-Dutch employee without fulfilling all the obligations and requirements, there’s a considerable chance that your employee is working illegally in the Netherlands. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration can impose huge fines on you for this. A lot of companies that want to be a good employer for their knowledge migrants without running any legal or financial risks opt for payrolling.

You yourself recruit an expat or knowledge migrant, and you then register him/her on our salary sheet. You’ll still be responsible for everyday management and guidance, staff planning, career development, performance interviews and training session content for this employee. Since your knowledge migrant is employed by Tentoo in a legal sense, we’re the ones who carry the employer’s obligations and the risks relating to employment law.

Legal employer

As a legal employer and an IND sponsor, we’re also the IND’s first point of contact. We take care of the following for you: obtaining the right work permits and residence permits, drawing up tailor-made employment contracts, registering your knowledge migrants with the Employee Insurance Agency and the Tax and Customs Administration, pension accrual, employee insurance schemes, salary payments, sick leave management and salary administration. Since we’re employment experts, we’re also here to tell you about all the Dutch tax regulations and help you with these regulations. Examples include the Extra-Territorial (‘ET’) scheme and the 30% scheme. These schemes provide non-Dutch employees with tax benefits so that they get paid more net salary.

IND sponsor

The only employers allowed to employ knowledge migrants are those who are sponsors recognised by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (‘IND’). The procedure for becoming a recognised sponsor is complicated and expensive, and it takes a lot of time and energy. Tentoo has been a recognised IND sponsor for many years. Every year, a large number of employers use our services to engage knowledge migrants. This means they no longer have to worry about being an IND sponsor or about any of the relevant obligations and administrative duties. All they have to do is concentrate on working with their knowledge migrants.


We ensure that your non-Dutch employees can work completely legally in the Netherlands in conformity with Dutch employment legislation.

  • This means no risks for you under employment law
  • You’ll have hardly any administrative and legal obligations
  • You don’t have to be an IND sponsor
  • You don’t have to find your way around in the maze of work permits and residence permits
  • We’ll take care that your employees’ salary is paid on time, even if they’re off sick
  • Employees can profit from all the available tax benefits
Employing non-dutch staff in the Netherlands with Tentoo


Tentoo was founded in 1992 as a payroll company. To offer flexibility to employers (and freelancers) and to relieve them administratively. Meanwhile, we have become a complete HR service provider and our payroll services have also expanded significantly.

We provide all solutions to payroll and deploying (flexible) work staff, with greater freedom and fewer risks, so that you can take a solid step towards carefree entrepreneurship. This enables us to move with you even more effectively.

Why Tentoo?

Carefree entrepreneurship with our payroll service

With our payroll construction, we support you in your role as employer. This gives you the freedom to focus on what prompted you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. As the first payroll service company in the Netherlands, we have many years of experience in handling payments. Consequently we have a good sense of what you need in order to do business stress-free.

With its payroll service, Tentoo has, from the very first day, supported entrepreneurs in the audiovisual sector, events agencies and media. Businesses from many other sectors have been added over the past years. Our payroll service is also a good match for call centres and contact centres, for instance, and all other businesses which require a flexible approach to the employee population.

What will change with our payroll service?

Almost nothing will change in the day-to-day practice. With our payroll service, you continue to recruit and substantively manage your employees yourself. We pay out the net salaries and remit payments for contributions and payroll taxes. We also provide payslips and process sickness and recovery notifications. And you are released of the obligation to continue paying salary during illness and released from chain liability and claims.


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Curious about what Tentoo’s payroll service can do for your business? We would be happy to think along and provide the best advice to your company. Contact us or ask for a no-obligation offer for the payroll service for employers. 

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