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Starting as a freelancer in 2024

Are you planning to start freelancing soon? Make sure you do your research first. Setting up your own business doesn’t happen by itself. There are various things you need to consider and organise. We will explain what you need to think about and help you get off to a good start.

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Step-by-step guide: launching your freelance career

Curious about the key steps to kickstart your freelance career? Look no further! In the FAQ section below, you’ll find valuable insights and practical answers to help you lay a solid foundation for success. From business planning to administration and insurance, we have got you covered.

1. Start with a business plan

Want to make a solid start as a freelancer? Start by creating a business plan. This document allows you to clearly outline the opportunities, competition, and potential clients for your business. The business plan can be crucial when seeking funding, but even if you are starting without financial support, having an entrepreneurial plan increases your chances of a successful start as a business owner.

2. Registering with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) or not?

Your business plan is complete. What’s next? For companies and legal entities, it is mandatory to register in the Trade Register (Handelsregister). The Chamber of Commerce (KVK) automatically shares your information with the Tax Authority (Belastingdienst), so there’s no need to register separately. You will also receive your own VAT number.

Start freelancing without a KVK registration

However, if you start as a freelancer through Tentoo, you can skip the KVK registration. In this case, Tentoo acts as your employer for tax purposes, known as fictitious employment. As a result, you do not need a legal entity, VAT number, or KVK registration.

3. Streamline your administration

When you start as a freelancer, you’ll quickly realize that administrative obligations can consume a significant amount of your time. Maintaining a well-organized administration is not only important for the Tax Authority, but also for your own benefit. Your clients expect invoices, receipts need to be kept, and you’ll need to calculate your own salary. Additionally, you’ll have to report your sales tax (VAT) every quarter.

At Tentoo, we understand that you didn’t become a freelancer to drown in paperwork. That’s why we’re here to take care of your administrative responsibilities, freeing up your time to pursue your passions.

4. Secure your freelance journey

As a freelancer, you face daily risks that can sometimes be unforeseeable. The unfortunate truth is that you often discover these risks when it’s already too late. Unlike employees, self-employed individuals are not automatically protected against income loss due to disability (WIA), illness, or lack of projects. Of course, you can personally obtain an individual disability insurance policy (AOV) as a freelancer. However, research shows that many solo entrepreneurs choose not to do so due to the perceived high premiums. At Tentoo, we understand this concern.

With Tentoo Freelance, you are automatically insured against income loss in the event of illness, disability, or unemployment. Similar to an employed worker, you gain rights, ensuring that even in challenging circumstances where you can’t work, you still have a secure source of income.

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Tentoo enables you to work with freedom and security. Say goodbye to worries about administration and complex rules and regulations. We take care of those concerns, giving you more space to focus on your assignments and enjoy the things you love.

When is the right time to start freelancing?

The decision to start as a freelancer varies for everyone. However, the underlying reason is often the same: many individuals choose freelancing to attain greater work freedom. No longer bound by a boss dictating tasks and deadlines, they seek to establish their own work rhythm. Let’s explore two common starting scenarios:

Scenario 1: Freelance besides work or studies

It’s becoming increasingly popular: starting as a part-time self-employed entrepreneur alongside your regular job or studies. Many employees dream of the freedom, independence, and income that come with a successful career as a freelancer. However, the security of a stable income often deters them from quitting their full-time job. For those individuals, part-time entrepreneurship provides a solution. It allows you to take the leap into entrepreneurship while ensuring a steady income. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to test the waters and determine if entrepreneurship is truly the right path for you.

Scenario 2: From unemployment to freelancing

Another common scenario is individuals who have lost their regular jobs and venture into self-employment as freelancers. This trend particularly emerged during times of economic crisis, resulting in a significant increase in the number of freelancers. Many individuals aged 45 or older, who find themselves unemployed, struggle to secure traditional employment. Instead, they are more likely to receive offers to do freelance assignments on a project basis for their former employer or someone in their network.

One drawback to choosing self-employment is that, over time, it can lead to the loss of entitlement to unemployment benefits (WW), sickness benefits (ZW), and disability benefits (WIA).

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How important is social security to you?

How important is social security to you? At Tentoo, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to freelance with or without social security. After all, why would you pay for insurance coverage for sickness, unemployment, and disability if it’s not a current priority for you?

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Ensure your professional liability

As a freelancer, you face daily risks without a safety net to fall back on. With Alicia, you are insured with flexible and appropriate coverage tailored to your life as a freelancer, such as professional liability, accidents, or even during a workation. This way, you can always engage in business ventures worry-free and carefree while freelancing via Tentoo.

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