Working for a foreign employer - Tentoo takes care of everything

Working for a foreign employer

Work for a foreign employer in the Netherlands hassle-free with Tentoo

Dutch people are increasingly being asked to work for an employer based outside the Netherlands within their own country. In this case, the foreign employer is required to tax the employee’s salary according to Dutch laws and regulations. As an employee, you are still eligible for tax benefits in the Netherlands (such as mortgage interest deduction and pension accrual). Tentoo makes this possible.

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We become the legal employer

We become the legal employer Salary payments in the Netherlands for foreign employers

If you have a foreign employer, Tentoo can act as your legal employer in the Netherlands. We will then pay your salary monthly in accordance with Dutch tax and employment law. Leadership, supervision, guidance, and management remain fully with the foreign employer, who receives a clear and concise invoice from us every month (digitally). Ideal for you and your foreign employer.



Working for a foreign employer - Tentoo takes care of everything

Tentoo takes care of taxes, pension & more

Tax obligation taken care of

Tentoo acts as the legal employer for you as an employee. We pay your salary and take care of all payments to the tax authorities. You and your foreign employer don’t have to arrange anything for this.

Right to mortgage interest deduction

If you work for a foreign employer and are paid through us, you work fully in accordance with Dutch fiscal and labor law. Your income is known to the Dutch government and you retain your right to mortgage interest deduction.

Pension accrual

Through Tentoo, you accrue pension after 26 weeks of work. This is also called the Basic Pension Scheme. It is legally required that everyone over the age of 21 who works for at least 26 weeks on a flexible or temporary employment contract accrues pension. Tentoo takes care of the registration with the pension fund; your (foreign) employer pays this pension premium after 26 weeks of work.

Do you work through Tentoo for your foreign employer for 78 weeks or more? Then you and your employer accrue pension through the Plus Pension Scheme.

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