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At Tentoo, we provide support to you as an employer or freelancer, enabling you to adapt and seize opportunities as you like. We prioritise good employment practices, which is why we establish partnerships to offer even more services. Explore our partners and discover how together, we shape the flexible world of work. Interested in becoming a partner yourself? Feel free to get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page.

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At, you’ll discover a wealth of information to make a strong start and grow as a freelancer. At Tentoo, we actively dedicate ourselves to supporting you, whether you’re a freelancer or self-employed professional, in realizing these dreams. Our partnership with revolves around providing practical knowledge and guidance that assists you in confidently charting your own course. And when you choose to work through Tentoo Freelance, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of entrepreneurship without worrying about administrative hassles.”


Planet Interim

Planet Interim, a prominent platform for sourcing and matching, accelerates and simplifies the hiring of interim managers and freelance specialists. At Tentoo, we understand the significance of these connections, which is why we collaborate closely. Our flexible solutions support you as both an employer and a freelancer, enabling you to swiftly anticipate and adapt to the changing world around you. We move in tandem, so you can continue to lead from the front.



ZiPconomy, an independent knowledge platform and community, brings together unique perspectives on organizational flexibility and the market for interim professionals. At Tentoo, we share the conviction that flexible labour is the key to success, regardless of your role. Collaborating with ZiPconomy empowers us to enhance this vision. We unite insights and expertise, supporting both employers and freelancers to operate resiliently in a rapidly changing job market. Your flexibility, our partnership.


Alicia Insurance

Alicia Insurances understands the insurance needs of freelancers like no other, providing tailor-made solutions for this group of independent professionals. In close collaboration with Alicia Insurances, we ensure that you, as a freelancer or self-employed professional, can enjoy financial protection and peace of mind. When you opt for Tentoo Freelance, you combine the freedom of entrepreneurship with the convenience of traditional employment. We not only handle your administration and invoicing, but we also ensure timely payments. With Alicia Insurances by your side, you are appropriately covered, allowing you to focus on carefree entrepreneurship


Partner van Expat Centres

Tentoo is delighted to collaborate with the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region, Holland Expert Center South and International Welcome Center North. These Expat Centers provide invaluable support to international newcomers establishing themselves in the Netherlands. Attracting foreign talent comes with specific challenges, including obligations and risks. Tentoo takes these concerns off your hands, ensuring a smooth start for highly skilled migrants. This way, they can adjust to their new home in the Netherlands quickly and worry-free.


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