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Over the years, Tentoo has build an impressive customer portfolio. From freelance clients who we help with their daily factors to employers for whom we take care of payroll. Are you curious what exactly we do for these clients? And how we help them focus on what really matters? Then read the customer stories!



Kuno is plant manager at Signode in Zwijndrecht, a company that produces packaging material using rejected rolls of milk carton packaging material. In addition to permanent staff, Signode also works with flexible staff paid through Tentoo. According to Kuno, Tentoo is a cost-effective alternative to employment agencies, and he especially appreciates the transparency and informative approach. Tentoo offers clear insights into legal changes and obligations, and their personal approach and explanation of laws and regulations make all the difference.


Marianne is the founder of Moneypenny, an agency that pairs virtual assistants (VAs) with clients who need flexible secretarial or marketing services. Moneypenny has been working with Tentoo for several years because of their customized solutions and personal approach. Marianne also appreciates the transparency in costs and Tentoo’s efficient online portal, which helps onboard VAs. This portal provides clear and customized information for Moneypenny’s needs.


Matthijs is the founder and owner of Klondyke, an online store for antiquarian and used books. For more than 30 years he has delivered beautiful books to enthusiasts worldwide and provides an exceptional workplace for scholars and students. As his business grew, Matthijs faced challenges around personnel and payroll administration. He enlisted Tentoo to help him with this because they handle all contracts and personnel matters for him, saving him a lot of time.


"The people at Tentoo get it, they know everything about payroll and I get quick answers to my questions."

Lisa Staal, theatre maker and author is touring the Netherlands with her inspiring theatre show ‘Schaamteloos Open’ for the next few years. As the crew members are not permanent employees, but of course need to be paid, she was looking for an easy solution for this and ended up at Tentoo.

“I can do a lot of things well, but administrative stuff? Help! I didn’t want to delve into this myself either, so I went online to find a solution. Well, it was a bit of a chore to end up with the right company for me. I tried 2 other companies, but a lot of things went wrong with these, and things were not made easier for me, but rather more difficult. After this hassle, I went looking again and found Tentoo. What a relief! The whole team and formula of Tentoo are top-notch. Since last year, my crew members have been paid super fast. The people working at Tentoo get it, they know everything about payroll, are smart, and I get quick answers to my questions.”


”All I have to do is fill in my hours. Isn’t that relaxed?!”

Kim Heerooms works 32 hours a week as an intermediary while studying Chinese medicine and teaching yoga in the evenings. She works as a yoga teacher through Tentoo.

“I enjoy working as a yoga instructor, but I don’t have much free time. Working with Tentoo saves me a lot of time. I don’t have to worry about administration or work with self-employed contracts. All I have to do is fill in my hours. Isn’t that relaxed?”

Kims Yoga-2 cropped

“Tentoo has been working for me for over 12 years.”

Tim is a Laser & Lighting Operator and has worked as a freelancer through Tentoo for 12 years.

“For me, Tentoo Directors Cast and Crew mainly means freedom to do what I’m good at. I can enjoy lighting artists without spending too much time and energy on peripheral issues regarding my earnings and compensation.

I remain “my own boss” and make my own arrangements. At the same time, I enjoy a healthy and workable employment relationship and my social and liability insurance are covered. Unlike other self-employed people around me, for example, I did receive social benefits when my sector was shut down during the corona period.”

Tim Oosterink-Westveld

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