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Carefree freelancing the way you like

Do you dream of freelancing without the worries and risks of entrepreneurship? Tentoo Freelance offers you the perfect solution. You choose your own assignments and set your own rates, we will do the rest. In addition, we offer you the flexibility to get paid whenever you want. Whether you prefer to work with or without social security, Tentoo Freelance has the solution for you. Check out our possibilities and choose the service that suits you best.

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Why freelance through Tentoo?

When you choose to work through Tentoo, you enjoy complete independence without having to worry about administrative tasks, late payments, or taxes. We take care of the administrative hassle for you, and you receive your payment within 7 days. At Tentoo, we understand that freedom is crucial for freelancers. That’s why we offer flexibility in our services. You have the option to freelance with or without social security. After all, why pay for insurance in case of illness, unemployment, and disability if it doesn’t align with your situation?

The benefits of Tentoo Freelance:

  • Administrative support. That saves time!
  • Flexibility to choose for whom and when you want to work.
  • Fast payment: the money will be in your account within 7 days.
  • Insurance and social protection (optional)
  • Fully independent freelancing for 1 client
  • No Chambe of Commerce registration required
You choose your own assignments, we take care of the rest

The services of Tentoo Freelance

Freelance with social security

Tentoo makes it easier than the Chamber of Commerce to work via one client, unlike self-employed people who do not freelance through Tentoo. You do not need a Chamber of Commerce registration, VAT number or model agreement. Tentoo takes care of all administrative and financial obligations for you. This allows you the freedom to focus on what you do best and concentrate on your business.

Benefits of freelancing with social security:

  • Doing business without registering with the Chamber of Commerce
  • You determine your own rate and for whom you work
  • No worries about administration, invoicing and taxes
  • Lower net salary
  • Automatically insured unemployment, sickness, and disability

Freelance without social security

Do you have regular short-term jobs? And do you work for many different clients? Freelancing without security is probably the right choice for you. This way, you don’t have to pay social premiums and receive a higher net income. Of course, you need to take responsibility and build a financial buffer in case you get sick, become unemployed, or disabled.

Benefits of freelancing without social security:

  • Doing business without registering with the Chamber of Commerce
  • You determine your own rate and for whom you work
  • No worries about administration, invoicing and, taxes
  • Higher net salary
  • No payments for employee insurance

+ choose insured freelancing with Alicia

At Tentoo, we understand that as a freelancer, you’re looking for flexibility and freedom, but also a good dose of peace of mind. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Alicia Insurance! With Alicia, you can now get insurance policies that fit your unique situation perfectly, quickly and easily. From disability to liability insurance, Alicia has a customized solution for you. No fuss, just well taken care of!

Benefits of Alicia insurance with Tentoo:

  • Insured for accidents, professional liability and more
  • Appropriate and flexible coverage
  • Flexibility and security
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Advice that suits you

Custom advice

Your situation can always change. With Tentoo Freelance, you can start and stop whenever you want. We offer advice that suits your personal wishes and needs. Are you curious about how this can work for you? Contact us for a personal calculation via the form or call us at +31 (0)20 238 6936. We are ready to help you!

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As an employer, you want to foster the growth and continuity of your company. Seize opportunities and promptly adapt to changes. You determine who becomes a permanent employee and who you want to deploy flexibly. At times, you may want to have control in your hands, while other times outsourcing is the best choice. No worries, we provide you with the flexibility you need. Let Tentoo take over your concerns and risks.

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With Tentoo Freelance, you can start – and stop – whenever you want. Tentoo moves with you, so you can focus on what you’re good at. Curious about how it works for you? Contact us for a personal calculation, or to get any personal advice. Our experts are looking forward to talk to you!

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